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NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy.

Last weekend, we traveled to Kemang to try this new restaurant called Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy. We’ve been to Nusa before when JalanSutra mailing list had an event there several months ago. Nusa was not yet open for public at that time, but they made quite an impression by providing tempoyak durian (a condiment made from fermented durian fruit) cooked with fish and gadon daging (Indonesian steamed dish made from ground beef and coconut milk) for lunch. So when I got an invitation to sample the dishes at Nusa, it was too good an opportunity to pass up as I always love to explore and learn more about Indonesian food.

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Where Traditional Indonesian Flavors Meet Modern Fine Dining.

Whether he’s mixing spices in his Kemang kitchen, or shipping a food cart halfway around the world to serve nasi goreng on the freezing streets of Germany, chef Ragil Imam Wibowo is passionate about sharing the flavors of Indonesia.

The celebrated chef, known for his numerous cooking awards and hosting the popular cooking show Makan Besar, has opened the doors at his latest culinary endeavor, a restaurant called Nusa Gastronomy in Kemang, South Jakarta.

“We want to introduce the richness of the ingredients of Indonesia,” Ragil told the Jakarta Globe earlier this week. “We want Indonesian ingredients to be known by the world. We try to make traditional food to more contemporary.”

The restaurant, located in a renovated Dutch colonial era house, uses local ingredients from across the archipelago. Ragil says he wants to showcase the array of flavors Indonesia has to offer, by combining indigenous tastes with a contemporary fine dining experience.

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