An Edible Story of Indonesia

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Featuring native dishes from the tip of Sabang to the tail of Merauke, Nusa provides a memorable gastronomic experience accompanied with an elaborate background story behind each offering.

Housed in a refashioned old Dutch residence in Kemang, NUSA (short for Nusantara, which means the archipelago) is a fine place to start when it comes to expanding your lexicon of Indonesian gastronomy. Headed by Chef Ragil Imam Wibowo, the focus of NUSA is to present these traditional native dishes in contemporary ways.

Bringing unfamiliar and unusual traditional Indonesian dishes to the attention of wider audience is no doubt a lofty ambition given the size of the country. That’s why instead of hammering the virtues of comprehending these dishes, NUSA zeroes in on letting the taste do all the talking, and that in turn, leaves a lasting impression.

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