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The Beauty of Indonesian Local Brought by NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy : TAPANULI, North Sumatra | Beyond Words

Being very consistent with its everlasting passion to present Indonesian cultural gastronomy, Nusa, is proudly bringing the North Sumatra taste to the table for you.

Tapanuli, a North Sumatran jewel, is going to be the highlight this March at Nusa Gastronomy. Starting from 8 to 18 March, Nusa Cultural Dinner will serve beautiful flavours and cuisine from Tapanuli people who live in North of Sumatra. Its unique ingredients is distinguished taste and makes it outstanding compared to other dishes from the neighbourhood regions such as Aceh and West Sumatra.

Nusa Gastronomy will serve a very authentic Tapanuli dishes such as: Na Niura Lobster, Arsik Ikan Kerapu, Gule Dali Ni Horbo, Mie Gomak Udang, Bebek Sangsang, Iga Sapi Napanidar, Kambing Nilomang, Sambal Andaliman and Sambal Tuk Tuk, Ombus Ombus and Pohul Pohul, and last but not least their special beverage Samosir Coffee. Curious how delicious this traditional culinary journey is?

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